buying, selling, MINING, holding cryptocurrency since 2015



My goal is to provide the knowledge and training to help you handle any aspect of cryptocurrency on your own.


This means teaching you the skills needed to move forward with confidence in the face of your future choices.


This ultimately teaches you the independence, and the know-how to move forward on your own in their area of your interest.


Areas of Expertise

Find out the best ways to buy cryptocurrency.


 Cash, credit or debit, we can help you get off the ground.



Learn the best ways to sell cryptocurrency.


 We make entering and exiting the market easy.

Looking to understand the basics of mining?


I'll teach you the Pro's/Con's, and the best ways to get started.



Want to earn passive income? 

Staking is the way to go. I offer guidance to help you make the most of your money

Learn how to make your money work for you.


Maximize your asset lending through protocols like Aave, DyDx and Curve Finance 



Explore the benefits of flash loans and borrowing protocols that let you take advantage of amazing arbitrage opportunities.


Looking to stay fully anonymous?

I'll show you the latest in privacy protocols, and how to use them (ex. RenVM and Monero)


Find out the pros and cons of using ledgers and paper wallets from people who have been in the industry for years.



What happens in a consultation? How long does it last?

The consultation is for me to get to know you and your knowledge level in the crypto space. Generally consultations last from half hour to an hour and that really depends on you. If you have a novice level of experience then I imagine it will be a brief consultation if you are newer to the industry, then a little longer.

Are consultations free?

Yes! Your first consultation is free, this is the best way to build a relationship and decide if my services are best suited for you.

What does it look like to recieve your services? (ie. typical session

My service involves a how to approach for the crypto industry. Once we identify what it is you want do and what your goals are, I help you cultivate the skills to stand on your own. Mostly I start from the begginning if you are new to the crypto space and that begins with creating your first wallet.

How much do your services cost?

Your first conultation is free and after that it does depend on the level of work we will need to do together. It is very hard for me to give general rate becuase this does depend on your level of knowledge, best thing to do is book a free consult and then I can give you a far more accurate qoute.

Where do consultations/sessions take place?

I generally like to do a zoom call but if you prefer we can just do voice call, either is fine.

Are maintenance/follow up sessions needed?

My goal is to get you up and comfortably on your own, however if you do need future sessions we will be able to identify that and plan the next steps. If you are interested in taking your knowledge to the next level and want to learn more advanced aspects of the crypto world, ongoing clients receive a discount for advancing their education.


About Promethia

I have been a blockchain enthusiast and active investor since 2015. Now, holding more then 30 cryptocurrencies personally, I have extensive experience using everything from Defi, Oracles, PoW chains, PoS chains, Exchange Tokens, and more. I have a passion for the philosophy cryptocurrency and the future affects it will have on our society. My goal is to help as many people as I can enter this blossoming space with confidence and take their first steps, as I did.

Jawad Elidrissi-Elawad

"I think if there was one thing that people should take away from Cryptocurrency - It will be ubiquitous."

- Jawad Elidrissi-Elawad,

Promethia Founder


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(519) 722 - 2088

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